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Client: Al Tayer Group

A conglomerate that mainly operates in the middle east, across a number of business lines including robust divisions in fashion and automotive.

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Al Tayer
What is Amber?

It is their loyalty card program, that sits atop all of their products and allows their customers to earn rewards points whenever they transact at one of their stores. The only program of its kind in the world that allows an individual to earn rewards points across so many premium brands.

What is Amber
Al Tayer Brands
Our Role

We engaged with this project at a time when Al Tayer Group wanted to further evolve their program from a physical card program to a digital program.

After their original digital agency failed to deliver on the agreed upon objectives, we took ownership over all of the digital initiatives, including both native mobile platforms, the website, and the entire back-end infrastructure.

In addition to redesigning and rearchitecting these assets, we also worked very closely with the key executives across numerous Al Tayer Group departments to ensure we were adding value to the collective business.

Our RoleOur RoleOur RoleOur RoleOur Role
Style Guide
Creating an Editorial Strategy

We also helped them build out an editorial content strategy and team, overseeing all aspects of the content generation process

We further embedded tracking code on a number of key areas so that we could accurately analyze the performance of specific content pieces in real time. This has provided great insight to ATG in terms of which kinds of content their customer base prefers to engage with.

Creating an Editorial Strategy

Creating Engagement Through Content

As part of our mandate to increase activity and retention, we helped design a rich content feed and overall content strategy to help support the user's journey. Our client ultimately saw Amber as a lifestyle brand, one which caters to the the premium luxury customer and mass market buyer alike

Our approach was to create a wide range of content types that were organized in a seamless, interconnected feed that created a clear hierarchy of information for the user. These content types consisted of unique editorial articles and photo shoots for specific brands, bespoke offers that could be redeemed through a user's reward points, and exclusive product sales available only to the app's users. All of these features increased retention more than 2x, as well as a significant increase in average time spent in the app.

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Creating Engagement Through Content
Redesigning Brand Discovery

Given the number of brands that ATG works with, we were challenged with a way to visually present these brands in the app in a manner that made them approachable for the user, while also protecting the brands corporate identity.

Redesigning Brand Discovery

Redesigning the Digital Card

In order to create a more seamless experience for mobile users while also retaining a “branded” feel for the digital card, we redesigned the core card elements in the app, increasing both the ease of “earning” and “burning” points, while retaining a strong brand identity.

Redesigning the Digital Card
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